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  • WASHINGTON, DC—President Donald J. Trump strolled onto the stage, cool as a cucumber. The crowd was rowdy, the libertarians raging at their own political impotence, but still, it scarcely stirred The Donald. How does a many like that stay so […]
  • Everyone keeps claiming that Nikki Haley is “performing well” in primary states despite having already dropped out of the Republican race. That’s not true, and even a cursory look at 2016’s data, as well as understanding semi-open primaries, explains […]
  • The following is a loose transcript of the audio embedded above.So this week, I read – in addition to everything else in the news – Chris Christie’s book, What Would Reagan Do, and my review is as follows. I think […]
  • Raheem Kassam returns with this special DD-Day (DeSantis Dropout Day!) episode of The National Pulse podcast where he explains what went wrong, spills the tea, and grinds some axes!Enjoy, and don't forget to support our work at This […]
  • Raheem Kassam reacts to CNN's Townhall with President Donald Trump in New Hampshire.Follow Raheem on social media.Follow The National Pulse. This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to […]
  • The left has George Soros, Bill Gates, Sam Bankman-Fried, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, Pierre Omidyar, and just about every corporation in the Western world and their beck and call. I have you. And here’s what I need you to […]
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  • Mike Pence told interviewers that he didn’t take classified documents home with him, until it transpired that he did. Is this political opportunist worth anything at all to the conservative movement, and what does the classification scandal really portend […]
  • Paul Waldman in today’s Washington Post insists that it’s not government that’s the problem. It’s you and your expectations as a voter! Listen as Raheem walks through the six stupid points Waldman makes, and what impact his claims have […]
  • Joe Biden is being thrown to the wolves by the administrative state, but why, and why now? As I discuss in this brief update, this is less about Biden the man, and more about a “changing of the old […]

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