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  • Joe Biden is faced with serious questions about the money he’s sending to Gaza.  He’s given huge amounts of taxpayer dollars to the Palestinians.  And now a court had ordered Joe Biden to reveal one key fact about how he may be funding Hamas. A federal judge in Texas on Tuesday evening ordered the Biden […]
  •  Americans are not buying the lies the Biden administration is trying to push.  Their falsehoods are blowing up in their faces.  Karine Jean-Pierre was crushed with a brutal dose of truth with these nine words. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was backed into a corner by Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy on Monday when […]
  • Joe Biden is walking back his statements against a terrorist group.  He’s afraid of losing Democrat voters.  Joe Biden made an apology to Hamas that will absolutely blow your mind. President Joe Biden apologized to Muslim leaders for doubting the accuracy of the number of people the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry claimed had been killed. […]
  • The unprecedented victory of a right-wing candidate has Democrats very upset. But Donald Trump has hopes for the future.  And Trump said four words about this victory that sent the left wild. Former President Donald Trump congratulated Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milei for his unprecedented win and said he hopes Milei will “make Argentina great again.” […]
  • Democrats are going to extreme lengths to conceal just how badly the economy is doing.  The falsehoods they’re pushing are completely outrageous.  And one top Democrat just tried to hide a huge Biden administration failure with this horrific lie to struggling Americans.  California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) implied that Americans struggling due to inflation this […]
  • Reportedly, Donald Trump is considering a someone without any political experience for Vice President.  The choice is not someone Republicans would expect.  Donald Trump may choose this famous person as his VP that would surprise everyone. Former President Donald Trump could pick Tucker Carlson as his running mate for the 2024 election according to a […]
  • Joe Biden’s numbers are so bad that it’s impossible to turn them around. And it’s putting Democrats in a bad position heading into the 2024 election.  Now Biden has sunk even lower, and the Democrats are in full-blown panic mode.  President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have sunk to the lowest level of his presidency so […]
  • Joe Biden’s creepy behavior towards kids is utterly disturbing.  It’s uncomfortable to watch him interact with children in public.  Now Joe Biden just gave a shockingly inappropriate compliment to a small child. During a Thanksgiving celebration in Norfolk, Virginia, over the weekend, President Joe Biden focused his attention on a 6-year-old girl and told her […]
  • Leftists are justifying the murder of Americans in a horrifying way.  It’s insane just how far they’re willing to go.  But this Navy Seal just blasted the Democrats for praising Osama bin Laden with these three words. Leftist young Americans have been going viral on TikTok sympathizing with Osama bin Laden for his opposition to […]
  • A top Democrat has been accused of running a secret presidential campaign.  There may be a huge shakeup coming.  And Joe Biden just dropped a huge hint on who may be the next Democrat presidential nominee. President Biden openly supported California Gov. Gavin Newsom as a future candidate for president, saying the Governor “could have […]

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