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  • Jack Smith is Joe Biden’s handpicked prosecutor to lead the lawfare against Donald Trump. Smith has only one job. But the Supreme Court hit Jack Smith with this nasty curveball. All the so-called “legal experts” on cable news and social media predicted the Supreme Court would swiftly dispatch Donald Trump’s claim he had presidential immunity […]
  • Democrats are looking for a way to get rid of Karine Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre’s gaffes are turning into an embarrassment. And Karine Jean-Pierre just gave this unthinkable answer to one simple question about Joe Biden. Donald Trump and his campaign kept up the drumbeat of challenging Joe Biden to a debate. Trump declared he would debate […]
  • Americans are fed-up with woke corporations. Someone is finally fighting back. And now Disney is about to end up at the Supreme Court for one awful reason. As Liberal Hack Watch reports: Disney used to stand for entertainment the whole family could enjoy.Not any longer. And Disney went woke and how it backfired will have you grinning […]
  • John Fetterman was the last Democrat anyone thought would start a party Civil War. But Fetterman wasn’t happy with Joe Biden. And John Fetterman brought the heat against Joe Biden for one shocking reason. The latest Fox News poll of Michigan showed Donald Trump leading Biden by three points. Trump has led Biden in Michigan […]
  • Joe Biden was counting on Jack Smith to deliver a slam dunk case against Donald Trump. But Smith’s finding out he may have bitten off more than he can chew. And Clarence Thomas shut down Jack Smith with this simple maneuver in court. Biden prosecutor Jack Smith watched nervously as a majority of Supreme Court […]
  • Alvin Bragg’s criminal prosecution of Donald Trump is headed to the jury. This has been a show trial from day one. And now Alina Habba caught Alvin Bragg red-handed in one sinister plot. Jury selection is underway in the show trial Donald Trump faces in New York City for falsification of business records. Soros-backed District […]
  • Donald Trump will name a new running mate before the GOP convention. But Trump may have already settled on his choice. And Donald Trump’s VP shortlist got narrowed to one shocking name. NBC News set off shockwaves with a report that Florida Senator Marco Rubio is now at the top of the shortlist to serve […]
  • Sean Hannity is a voice conservatives can count on. But no one saw what just happened coming. And Sean Hannity gave Republicans this jaw-dropping piece of advice. Democrats and the media know Joe Biden can’t campaign on his record. World War 3 could break out at any moment.  Prices have skyrocketed by 19.4 percent thanks […]
  • Kid Rock helped launch the Bud Light boycott. The boycott took woke corporations by surprise. And Kid Rock blindsided Bud Light with a major decision. Kid Rock blowing up a case of Bud Light in reaction to the beer giant announcing a sponsorship deal with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney was the defining moment […]
  • Like all liberal elites, Hillary Clinton thinks she’s above everyone else. Clinton had another thing coming. And Hillary Clinton got taken to the woodshed for one crazy reason. Stephen A. Smith is a longtime ESPN personality who has publicly come out in support of Joe Biden in 2024. He is far from a conservative, and […]

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