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  • MRC Free Speech America Vice President Dan Schneider called out Big Tech for censorship, discrimination and election interference during a hearing at the Texas Capitol.  During a May 29 hearing of the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs, committee members heard from several witnesses, including Schneider, about Big Tech censorship and election interference. During the […]
  • Another day, another book tour takes over the networks. This time it was First Lady Dr. Jill Biden on Wednesday's Good Morning America (GMA), with her latest children’s book Willow the White House Cat. It could have been quite the interview but was nothing more than a cushy campaign booster on Disney owned ABC with Biden […]
  • “The Riot Report,” the latest entry in PBS’s historical documentary series American Experience, regrets the lack of influence of the radical 1967 government-issued report on race relations, widely known as the Kerner Commission Report. The report’s infamous concluding statement encapsulated liberal pessimism on race, and that the billions of dollars spilled out for anti-poverty programs […]
  • On Wednesday morning, NBC’s “Today Third Hour” had a puff piece about a new Peacock series titled, “It’s Ok to Ask Questions.” The series is all about pushing LGBTQ-ness and NBC used it as a precursor to Pride month, which starts on June 1. The show, set to air on Saturday, is hosted by Matthew […]
  • Almost two years after a far-left extremist attempted to assassinate conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, ABC’s The View invited author John Grisham on the show to fantasize about a follow-up to The Pelican Brief where even more justices would be assassinated. Of course, the liberal ladies rushed to his defense. He also pushed […]
  • PBS ran an updated version of their December Frontline documentary on the Gaza War on Tuesday by concluding with a montage of soundbites intended to portray Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as out of touch with the world, the International Criminal Court, and even his own country. No rebuttals were included. The original 2023 documentary […]
  • On Tuesday, CNN This Morning host Kasie Hunt asked former White House correspondent Margaret Talev which major party candidate would suffer the most damage if Robert Kennedy Jr. were on the ballot in November. With the presidential election drawing near, RFK Jr. Kennedy was at 15 percent in the polls. Hunt described RFK Jr. as […]
  • Tuesday marked the only scheduled White House press briefing of the week ahead of President Biden’s European trip to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day, so plenty of anti-Israel questions flew in the wake of a deadly strike inside Rafa (including this from CBS’s Ed O’Keefe). Unfortunately, O’Keefe and Fox’s Peter Doocy were the only […]
  • Melinda French Gates, ex-wife of billionaire Bill Gates, announced Tuesday that she plans to donate $1 billion to various organizations that claim to “support” women and girls around the world. To no one’s surprise, French Gates' organizations of choice promote far-left policies like changing your gender and killing your kids. French Gates plans to leave […]
  • An MSNBC legal analyst offered a wildly misleading defense of discriminatory diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.  MSNBC Legal Analyst Charles Coleman Jr. lamented pushback against DEI in education and business during the May 26 edition of Velshi. Coleman ignored the discriminatory, racist and anti-Semitic nature of DEI and instead mourned that DEI would be replaced with equality and non-discrimination […]

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