Geoengineering is the artificial modification of Earths climate systems through two primary ideologies, Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)
  • Dane Wigington "Climate engineering may be the least worst climate solution", so says a new report from CleanTechnica. After over 75 years of climate intervention operations, clearly, the CleanTechnica conclusion couldn't be further from the truth. A new U.N. report headline has just stated "science points to climate collapse", but the […]
  • Dane Wigington "World's largest tropical wetland becomes an inferno" with 2387 fires in the first half of November alone, the global burning continues unabated. "Ozone hole largest on record over past 3 years", exactly as Geoengineering Watch has stated on the record over and over while the "climate science" community has […]
  • Dane Wigington Conflict, contamination and complete collapse, all the wheels are now in motion. "Microplastics In Clouds: Shock Scientists And Ignite Concerns". "Clouds Are Filled With Microplastics, Perplexing And Concerning Scientists". New headlines addressing our toxic particle filled skies just keep coming, though the whole of the so called climate science community […]
  • Dane Wigington "We need geoengineering", so says a Time Magazine report as they push for climate engineering operations that have already been deployed for over 75 years with catastrophic consequences. "Thunderstorm asthma" is sending thousands to emergency rooms, what is being seeded into these storms? Extreme droughts are hammering all the […]
  • Dane Wigington Waging world war while global ecological collapse goes exponential, what could go wrong? Stock markets are worried about their bottom line of profit, though sooner than almost any dare to imagine the next bite of food will be the biggest priority. From Fox News: "Deadly Bomb Cyclone Slams Europe". […]
  • Dane Wigington From engineered weather to engineered insects, we are now paying the price for interfering with nature. "CDC Warns Tropical Flesh-Eating Parasite Is Now Endemic In Texas", are genetically modified sand flies the source? From CNN news, "Hurricane Otis Devastates Acapulco". From FOX news, this headline, "Acapulco has been destroyed". Scientific American […]
  • Dane Wigington Control the weather, control the world. The existence of weather warfare isn't a conspiracy theory, it is a matter of historical record. Project Popeye in the Vietnam war is but one example. Yet, even now, the mere mention of the climate engineering subject triggers programmed knee jerk reactions of […]
  • Dane Wigington Biosphere collapse and global conflict are inseparable. As Geoengineering Watch has stated on the record for many years, once the gravity and immediacy of unfolding global ecological implosion became all but impossible to hide the controllers would play ever larger cards and indeed they are. Bioaccumulative microplastics and heavy […]
  • Dane Wigington "US weather warning: America to plunge into two week arctic freeze", this new headline is exactly what the climate engineers want in order to distract populations from what is actually unfolding around the world. Chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding operations are a primary component of climate engineering operations, weather […]
  • Dane Wigington "Clouds now contain plastic, risking contamination of ‘everything we eat and drink’, airborne plastic particles found in cloud water"( Geoengineering Watch has been sounding the alarm about polymer fiber nanoparticles in our precipitation for years. What took the so called science community so long to catch up? New York's manipulated heavy […]

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