Doug Collins Podcast

The Doug Collins Podcast

As a former Congressman and Ranking Member of the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary, Doug Collins knows what it means to fight for what he believes in. The Doug Collins Podcast explores all topics —  ranging from politics to life advice — and blends them together for a well-rounded discussion that you can use to get the most out of life.

  • Can You Trust The Polls?

    Former Acting United States Attorney General and Friend of the program Matthew Whitaker joins to discuss the upcoming presidential election. Joe Biden has some weaknesses that will favor Donald Trump and some polls have Trump in the lead. See for privacy information.

  • Some Gave All Why Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day are different.

    Today is a very Special podcast.  I talk about the real meaning of Memorial Day and how the faces of those that we honor today still are fresh in my mind.  This is a very personal look at Memorial Day and the real reason we are free.  Please Share with all who need to hear this story.See for privacy information.

  • Good Vibrations

    Everyone has a song or an album thats shaped their youth. If you could only bring one album on an desert Island what are you choosing. There’s a million genres for every emotion. Choose wisely. See for privacy information.

  • Don’t You (Forget About Me)

    We started with a simple idea of “what movies should everyone see before they die”. 2 minutes in it became a deep dive into the films of John Hughes. His catalog defined the 1980’s and those who watched it. See for privacy information.

  • Trump Takes Over The Jersey Shore

    Last weekend Donald Trump held a rally in Wildwood NJ. The beach was packed with supporters. John McLaughlin, pollster and strategic consultant, joins to discuss See for privacy information.

  • Christmas Is A Time For Giving and Football

    The NFL Schedule released on Wednesday. The NFL thumbs its nose at the NBA with its Christmas Day games. The giants decided for their 100 year anniversary they would wear something nice. Aaron Rodgers has some theories on Donald Trump.See for privacy information.

  • Shut up and Conform (Encore)

    The first amendment is under attack and you have to understand the gravity of the situation. Jeff Ozanne a student at University of New Hampshire, Franklin Pierce School of Law. He gives us a first hand account of the pressure on campus to shut up and conform.See for privacy information.

  • Where’s The Beef

    We got beef on todays show and its not the kind you put on a bun. Chip lets us know how he really feels about a certain United States Representative. A zoo in China did something that reads like an article from the Onion. There are aliens in our oceans and a geo storm headed for earth. Good Luck out there and happy Friday. See for privacy information.

  • Politics, The Media, The Impact

    With today’s media circus and unlimited information at your finger tips, politics has become more divisive than ever. Today were going to discuss why Americans are frustrated with the political scene and why it has some people unwilling ti vote, even in their local elections, See for privacy information.


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