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  • Article 2, paragraph 4 of the UN Charter explicitly prohibits the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any member state, making Iran's actions tantamount to an act of war. The US administration's call for
  • "Tsekung asked about government, and Confucius replied: 'People must have sufficient to eat; there must be a sufficient army; and there must be sufficient confidence of the people in the ruler.' 'If you are forced to give up one of these three
  • Among the so-called innocent "civilians" who Hamas claims have been killed by Israel, there are thousands of guilty and complicit civilians without whose assistance Hamas could not have succeeded in their barbarisms. When Hamas provides its self-serving
  • In the end, because of Israel's robust defense technology, Iran's recent drone and ballistic missile attack on Israel's urban centers was little more than a potentially deadly fireworks show, reportedly choreographed by the United States, in
  • Not only are Jews under threat, but Christians and all "unbelievers" in the radical jihadist agenda as well. Although an "ostrich" mentality towards these genocidal objectives prevails among Western decision-makers, the reality is quite different: The
  • Given their small numbers and the omnipresence of antisemitism, the Jewish community is reliant on protection from society: the courts, the legal system, the police and public sentiment itself. That is the social compact under which the community is able
  • Among the top 50 countries in which Christians were persecuted in 2023 were Yemen, Libya, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Morocco, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, and other Middle Eastern and Muslim-majority countries. Israel, needless to say, was not on the list.
  • This was the "attack" prearranged for show between Iran and the Biden administration through backchannels. It's an attack that allows Iran to show off that it can reach Israel (look at those lights over the Temple Mount), while not inflicting any real
  • The prospect of Hamas declaring or celebrating "victory" worries not only Israel, but many Arabs — including Palestinians — who want to see the terrorist group completely destroyed and removed from power, but are often afraid to speak out for fear of
  • Iran's decision to rely on groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas to prosecute its war against Israel has resulted in the Israelis regularly having to retaliate with air strikes against Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria and Lebanon in an attempt to

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