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  • Support J6ers: New Video Footage Released

    By The Sharp Edge Newly released footage offers transparency to the January 6th deception. For nearly three years, the DC establishment uniparty has perpetuated the lie that the January 6th protest was an “insurrection,” by carefully controlling the information disseminated to the public about […]

  • Making a Positive Impact without Knowing They Are Making an Impact: 15 Great Tips for Friends & Family

    Most people who follow Corey’s Digs investigative reports are aware that there is a spiritual battle going on, in addition to multi-faceted agendas impacting our physical lives and livelihoods. And whereas all of us would very much like to witness the awakening of billions of people to this dark […]

  • Smart Cities Plan: Collapse & Convert Commercial Properties into Housing

    By The Sharp Edge The globalists never let a good crisis go to waste, especially the ones they’ve manufactured.  In the aftermath of government-imposed Covid lockdowns of small businesses deemed to be “non-essential,” BLM riots that torched countless mom-and-pop shops, the decriminalization […]

  • Angel Stories: Powerful Experiences That Changed Lives

    In a world where things often feel defeating during this spiritual battle, I wanted to share powerful experiences that lift people up, strengthen their faith, and show that we are never alone and love is the key to winning this battle. I put out a request for people to submit short stories to me, […]

  • Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework Part 3 – World Economic Forum Protected

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) is protected by immunities and privileges in Geneva, Switzerland where secrecy clings to the hallways of its headquarters overlooking Lake Geneva in Cologny. Though WEF has offices in New York and San Francisco, it does not have immunities in the U.S. under the […]

  • New Series Exposes Covid Conspiracy & Offers a Solution – ‘Covid Unmasked: 2020 and Beyond’

    A new 4-part series by producer and director, Steve Miller, unmasks the Covid lies to reveal that the fight against “a new and deadly virus” was in fact the launch of a campaign to transform the world, known as the Great Reset.  The documentary details the players involved, the planning behind […]

  • A Library for Redpilling: Volume 10

    Below is a library catalog with direct links to Corey’s Digs investigative reports and videos that break the reports into categories, as well as fantastic resources and tools for researching and fact checking! This catalog is updated quarterly and is available in pdf downloaded for Free in The […]

  • January 6th Exposed in New Series: The Rest of The Story with Lara Logan

    The narrative of the so-called January 6th “insurrection” has fallen apart. Thanks to real investigative reporting, the set-up by Pelosi and others leading up to the Capitol chaos, the role federal agents likely played in instigating the Capitol breach, the persecution of January 6th […]

  • Space: The New Frontier For The Central Control Grid

    What if you had the ability to construct the central operation center for the entire control grid from a location with no real jurisdiction and no accessibility or oversight? What if the massive power source you need to run this operation could be harnessed under the guise of “climate change” […]

  • The Green New Death

    By The Sharp Edge The apocalyptic prophecies of government, academic, and corporate sponsored climate alarmism have manipulated the minds of the masses to believe that mankind is to blame for our own demise.  Despite their failed predictions of climate catastrophe over the years, the propaganda […]

  • Dear Diary…

    While I’m working on this painstakingly massive report that ties up the central operation for the control grid, along with the financial acceleration and digital identity into one masterfully crafted plan, I find myself pondering the many other pieces of information I’ve pulled together that […]

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