• A transgender activist group is pressuring corporations to provide insurance coverage for child sex change drugs and genital surgeries. The Humans Rights Campaign (HRC) is an LGBTQ+ activist group that champions pediatric sex change interventions such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and sex change surgeries. Since 2002, the HRC has issued their Corporate Equality Index (CEI) survey, which scores […]
  • Former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in Wisconsin, where many voters claimed immigration made the state’s quality of life “worse,” according to an American Greatness poll exclusively released to the Daily Caller News Foundation on Thursday. Trump leads Biden 46% to 44% in a two-way race, compared to an even split at […]
  • As President Biden continues to decline in the eyes of voters and the Democratic Party, his campaign’s desperation to handcuff his opponent, former President Donald Trump, rises exponentially. Once again, regime media and Democrats have their facts wrong and are pushing another hoax in hopes it hurts Trump’s presidential campaign. Whether through lawfare or dirty political tactics, […]
  • This would be a capitulation on Israel’s part. Israeli authorities repeatedly vowed to destroy Hamas altogether. Instead, “neither Hamas nor Israel would rule Gaza.” But with the Biden regime so intent on saving Hamas that it is abandoning Israel, it may be the best the Israelis can get. Opinion: A Gaza cease-fire agreement appears within […]
  • President Joe Biden managed to ease some concerns about his political future, though he also committed crucial gaffes, during a choreographed press conference Thursday night. For weeks, Democrats have been calling for the president to drop out of the presidential race. Two weeks after taking the debate stage against former President Donald Trump, Biden took questions at […]
  • EXCLUSIVE: An insider source at Disney has provided OMG with startling internal documents and communications. These documents reveal Disney’s promotion of Pride events for children that involve n*ked men, maps of Disney-sponsored pride parades nationwide, Disney’s covert partnership with “Zebra Youth,” a program supporting LGBTQ youth ages 13-24, and messages about polys*xual virtual hangouts. Disney […]
  • MAGA has grown to become the politics of ordinary citizens. A grass-roots movement of moms and dads, working men and women in all means of employment, and even a growing number of college and early 20-year-olds across America. The MAGA supporters are watching our beloved nation collapse into socialism, and even worse! The MAGA movement […]
  • Today’s West is a world of social dysfunction and demographic collapse, with warmongers and woke commissars in charge. Where moral relativism rules, those of us abiding by traditional values are cultural warriors by default. Our very lifestyle is an expression of dissent. The regime, steeped in secular globalism, frowns upon us. How dare we value […]
  • After spending the last year living in the United States, I will mercifully be whisked back to my peaceful homeland of Australia before the tumult of November’s election season begins. While I am not a US citizen, I certainly have a dog in the fight — as a green card holder, a taxpayer, the husband […]
  • Home affordability just hit a 17-year low, which means the dream of homeownership remains unattainable for the average person. Amid a cost-of-living crisis, saving enough for a down payment and then affording a monthly mortgage payment has become a Sisyphean task—and radical leftist policies are to blame. Adding up the monthly cost of principal and interest on a mortgage, […]

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