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  • Is Trump About To Set A Precedent? Marker [9], Don’t Worry It Won’t Be Boring Forever – Ep. 3365

    Watch The X22 Report On Video The green new scam is having the opposite effect on CA. CA is the template for the [CB]/[WEF]. Right on schedule now CA wants to tax people for every mile they drive. Biden is losing the people when it comes to the economy. The

  • 16 Year Plan Used Against The [DS],WWIII, Can You Serve From Jail? It Had To Be This Way – Ep. 3364

    Watch The X22 Report On Video The green new scam is finished, the people see through it all. The money is gone and nothing promised has been built. College students will not be able to find jobs with their majors, that is why Biden is cancelling student loans. Stores closing,

  • [DS] Empire’s Grip On America Has Failed, We Knew This Day Would Come, Dead-Chicken Strategy – Ep. 3363

    Watch The X22 Report On Video Pete is now trying to convince the people that air turbulence is from the climate hoax. The people are not going along with this, they know the truth. The [CB]/Biden administration is failing to convince the people that the economy is doing well. Rate

  • The Great Liberation Begins On Nov 5, The Republic Will Be Restored, Justice Is Served – Ep. 3362

    Watch The X22 Report On Video The people are seeing the failing economy, they know they are not better off, the people are now reporting that they cannot go on vacation because they do not have the funds. Trump is confirming that he will support Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The [CB]

  • Narrative Begins For Change Of Batter,Kenya,Trump:”We Are Going To Make It To Big To Rig” – Ep. 3361

    Watch The X22 Report On Video The green new scam is falling apart just like the economy. EV makers are now laying people, it’s all falling apart. The people are now reporting that they are worse off now than when Trump was in the WH. The [CB] has failed and

  • Bob Kudla – Biden’s Economy Is Crashing,Bitcoin & Gold Staged To Make Incredible Moves

    Bob is the created and owner of Trade Genius Academy. Bob also does a podcast on YouTube which is called Trade Genius. Bob begins the conversation talking about how inflation is not just going to go away. The Biden admin might force the Fed to cut the rates to show

  • When The Riots Begin,The Real Threat To Democracy Will Be Exposed,ILS Approach Looks Good – Ep. 3360

    Watch The X22 Report On Video The [WEF]/[WHO] have pushed unhealthy food on the people for a long time, now the [WHO] is saying they want us to shift to plant based food, which is in preparation for bugs. Biden hides the fact that we are in a recession. The

  • Tyrannical Gov Has Just Been Exposed, 25th Amendment Just Came Into Focus,Panic Everywhere – Ep. 3359

    Watch The X22 Report On Video As the economy implodes on itself, the Biden admin is now doing everything they possibly can to manipulate to make it look like nothing is wrong. The problem is that the statistical numbers do not match what people are feeling. Trump now is accepting

  • Comey Panic, Cyber Attack Narrative Building, Pause, Setting The Stage, Optics Are Important – Ep. 3358

    Watch The X22 Report On Video We were told to watch California, CA is now in trouble, Newsom is raising taxes when he said he wouldn’t, but don’t worry its only temporary which means permanent. CA is dead last for opportunities. Biden is releasing oil from reserves to lower fuel

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