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  • [DS] Has No Plan B, Transparency & Prosecution, There Is Simply No Other Way, Except 1 – Ep. 3225

    Watch The X22 Report On Video The people around the world are rising up, the economy is imploding and the green new deal is destroying everything else. French farmers dumped waste in front of state buildings. People see the lies, they see the inflation, the people are not fooled. Argentina

  • [DS] Plan Has Failed & Only Has A Couple Of Moves Left, 2024 Will Be A Globalist Defeat – Ep. 3224

    Watch The X22 Report On Video Germany is now pledging 100 million to compensate climate change, this will destroy Germany. EVs have almost 80% more problems. MSNBC is saying Trump will destroy the climate agenda, he will, he will show the people the truth. Biden destroys his own economic narrative

  • Bob Kudla – What We Are Witnessing Is The End Of The [CB], Watch What Happens Next

     Bob is the created and owner of Trade Genius Academy. Bob also does a podcast on YouTube which is called Trade Genius. Bob begins the conversation talking about blackfriday, the sales are strong because people are using debt and the stores introduced a new system, buy now pay later with

  • Trump Will Offer Classified Info Relating To The Elections,MI,Pandora’s Box Opened – Ep. 3223

    Watch The X22 Report On Video Biden is skipping the climate summit in Dubai, Harris is going in his place. Whitmer is now going down the path that California is following. The debt system is imploding and the [CB] just signaled that the economy is ready for a soft landing.

  • [DS] Panics Over A Legacy Law That Allows Trump To Expand The Military In The US – Ep. 3222

    Watch The X22 Report On Video The [WEF]/[UN] are pushing the agenda, they are now trying to limit the food supply and transition the people into eating bugs. EV market is a failure, the green push is finished. The people are struggling, the people see the truth and its only

  • [DS] Building The Change Of Batter Narrative, Nuclear Football, Operation Looking Glass – Ep. 3221

    Watch The X22 Report On Video The [WEF]/[CB] green new deal is falling apart, California can not hit their goals and if they did it will crash the entire state. The people around the world are rising up, Nationalism is on the rise. The economy is imploding on itself and

  • [DS] Failed, Now They Are Pushing Assassination, 18 US Code Chapter 115, Game Over – Ep. 3220

    Watch The X22 Report On Video A new study shows that the fake elites emit as much carbon as the bottom two-thirds. Blue states because of the climate agenda have expensive energy costs. Black Friday sales are fake. Newsom tries to gaslight the people with inflation figures. The currency is

  • Erik Prince – Israel Gaza Not Over, China Invading Taiwan, The World Is At A Tipping Point

    Erik D. Prince is a US-born entrepreneur, philanthropist, Navy SEAL veteran and private equity investor with business interests in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and North America.  A strong supporter of economic development in emerging markets, he is the founder and chairman of Frontier Resource Group, a private equity firm

  • [DS] Lost The Narrative, Pattern Of Corruption Discovered, It’s Going To Be Biblical – Ep. 3219

    Watch The X22 Report On Video Everyday that passes the green new deal falls apart, the EV’s don’t work, to expensive to produce, the global warming is a hoax, the people know. Kamala gets caught with a gas stove. Retail is off to a rocky start this holiday season. Milei

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